• 23.09.2013 Start of the new academic year at IUC

    The opening of the new academic year at International University College was held on September 23rd at 10:30 am. In honor of the new students was held a ceremony to welcome them, which took place in the building of IUC in Dobrich. Among the official guests were Mr. Daniel Yordanov, Deputy Governor of Dobrich and Ms. Kamelia Koycheva, Vice Mayor of the humanitarian activities. The chancellor of International University College – associate prof. Todor Radev delivered a welcome speech in which he shared that this month the Standing Committee of the National Accreditation Agency (NEAA) has sent a positive report on the project to convert the statute of IUC to specialized university - "University of Management."

  • 27.08.2012 September 24th - The Opening Ceremonies of the New Academic Year

    International university College (IUC) will start the New Academic Year on the 24th of September (Monday) from 10:30 with an official ceremony in the main housing of the higher education school in Dobrich (3 Bulgaria st.)

  • 30.11.2011 Delegation from Cardiff Metropolitan University had visited IUC

    Delegation from the British Cardiff Metropolitan University had visited our campuses Varna and Dobrich in order to meet the students, which study in the programs of the UK’s University.

  • 08.04.2011 "Mister and Miss IUC" Contest

    The students at International University College organize “Miss and Mister IUC” contest for a first time at International University College.

  • 30.12.2010 Important and interesting facts and events that occurred in 2010.

    In the following line we have marked some important and interesting facts and events that occurred in 2010.

  • 26.10.2010 AIESEC at International University College

    Presentation on the opportunities that the world's largest student organization gives to the young people takes place at IUC on October 21st