We are very happy that you are interested in applying to International University College (IUC). We at IUC understand that you and your family are about to take decisions of high importance about the selection of a higher education institution. We, therefore, provide you with the opportunity to learn as much as possible about IUC - you can visit us, take a look at our study and training facilities, attend lectures and classes, meet some of our current students, and talk to the faculty staff. As a prospective student of International University College it is important to know that if you choose to continue your education with us you will study in an international environment. Furthermore, some of our faculty members come from UK, the Netherlands, USA, Mexico, and what is more - the number of international students is constantly growing. Such an environment, in combination with the day-to-day communication and interaction with teachers and students, will surely motivate you and will undoubtedly contribute to your professional and personal development according to the modern business tendencies.