Study at VUM

Education in VUM's bachelor programmes lasts three academic years - 6 semesters.

The academic year at VUM commences with an introduction week on September 23rd. Classes begin in the last week of September and finish in May.

The academic year for the Master's programmes begins in the middle of October.


What is a Bachelor Degree?

Bachelor Degree is the first academic undergraduate degree that university/college students obtain after the commencement of their studies. International University College offers a range of Bachelor programmes which last 3 calendar years.


What is a Master’s Degree?

Master Degree is the second academic degree of higher education that is granted to students who have demonstrated mastery on a specific educational topic. This degree is for students who have successfully completed their first academic degree – the Bachelor course. Varna University of Management offers 2 Master Degree Programmes in collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. The duration of studies is 3 semesters (1 calendar year).  

More information on how to apply and admission procedures can be found here.