Residence permit

Issuance of a residence permit


All non-EU international students must extend their period of stay before the expiration of their Visa D for studies. That is done at the local police station with a set of documents.


Date of preparation of the documents

No later than 30 days before the expiration of your Visa.


Required documents

- document stating that you are a student at IUC ("уверение" - issued by International Office at IUC)
- document for accommodation (if you a renting an apartment, you need the rental agreement; if you are staying at the IUC dormitories, the International Office at IUC will issue an accommodation document);
- insurance for foreigners for a period of one year, it can be done at an insurance agency;
- criminal record extract, issued in your home country (for students 18 yrs. or older) - with an apostille, officially translated in Bulgarian and certified in the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Sofia, (which takes 5 working days); Russia and Ukraine are exempted from apostilles;
- document, stating that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while studying. It could be a bank statement, or a declaration stating that (with at least the minimum monthly wage in Bulgaria). The declaration must be filled out with your data and notarized;
- copy of your passport and Visa.



The documents are submitted at the police station 14 days before the expiration date of your Visa. Your Visa has a duration of 180 days, so make sure you check the date.

The residence permit takes about 14 days to issue. You will be called to have your picture taken. There is a fee of 500 BGN for the 1 year period. It is also possible to apply for a 6-month period.


You must not allow your Visa to expire UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.