Dear parents,


We have the pleasure to introduce International University College, Bulgaria. The following section aims to provide you with complete information about the institution and the destination, so that you can be well-informed in advance in considering IUC as an option for your child’s future studies.


the IUC team


About the country


Bulgaria is situated in South-eastern Europe and shares a border with Greece and Turkey to the South, Romania to the North and the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia to the West. The Black Sea Coast forms its eastern border.


Quick facts


• Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007

• The territory of Bulgaria is 110,910 sq km

• The population is approx. 7.5 million

• Bulgaria's capital city is Sofia

• Government: parliamentary democracy

• Climate: temperate continental with four clearly delineated seasons

• Time zone: GMT + 2 hours

• The major airports are located in Sofia, Varna and Bourgas

• The international dialing code for Bulgaria is: +359

• The national currency in Bulgaria is the Lev. 1 BGN = 1.9958 EUR.


The main campus of International University College is located in Dobrich, Bulgaria.


About Dobrich

Dobrich is a quiet medium-sized town in Northeastern Bulgaria. Its population is approximately 100,000 people. It is located about 50km from Varna, the third largest Bulgarian city, and 420km from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia.

Map IUC Bulgaria

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Dobrich is a safe and calm town, which offers a suitable atmosphere for academic studies.


Directions to Dobrich


All parents of potential and prospective students are welcome to schedule a visit to IUC.


The closest airport to Dobrich is the Varna airport, located 45 km away. There are regular flights to Varna through the main transfer airports in Europe, such as Vienna and Budapest.

International University College could provide airport transfers. There are also buses leaving from the Varna Bus Station to Dobrich daily every 15 minutes from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Taxi cabs in Dobrich are a common and affordable means of transportation.


About International University College

International University College was established in 1992 to offer undergraduate programmes in the fields of Hospitality, International Business and Marketing, which are taught entirely in English. IUC has a history in welcoming international students from EU and non-EU countries likewise, such as Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Romania, Turkey, and Syria.

Students in the English programmes of IUC are awarded a double degree in cooperation with our partner in the UK – Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met), UK /www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/.



The campus of International University College is conveniently located in the center of the town. It is within walking distance of the main public facilities needed by students: banks, supermarkets, public utility offices (water, electricity, telephone), police station, post office.

IUC is also located in proximity to the town park, which offers opportunities for outdoor sports, walking and recreation.

Map IUC Dobrich

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Admission procedure

  • EU citizens

The documents, needed for the admission procedure, are a notarized copy of the diploma for secondary education and an IUC application form. The remaining requirements are in accordance with the policies of the European Union regarding the free movement of people in the EU (such as European health insurance card).

  • Non-EU citizens

The admission consists of two stages:

1. The first stage is the admission of the student by IUC. The documents needed are:

- application form for IUC;

- proof of English proficiency – a certificate of English (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, Cambridge, or equivalent) or an English exam taken at IUC. This rule does not apply to candidates whose native/official language is English, or whose language of instruction in secondary or higher education was English;

- copy of the diploma for secondary education.

2. The second stage is the approval of the application by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, using the following documents:

- a certificate issued by the Ministry of Education or other competent authorities, stating that the student’s diploma for secondary education is legitimate and gives the student access to higher education in his country of origin;

- transcript of grades for secondary education (average grades of at least 63%)

- health certificate, no older than a month at the time of submission to the Ministry.

The documents need to be stamped at the closest Bulgarian consulate and translated into English, or preferably Bulgarian. The Ministry issues an Official certificate of admission which is used for the Visa application.


Visa application

Issuance of Visa type D (for academic studies) at the Bulgarian consulate in the student’s home country / nearest diplomatic mission:

- 2 Visa application forms

- 2 copies of a valid ID document for travel abroad

- 2 colour photographs

- originals and 2 copies of the document, describing the reason to request long-term residence in Bulgaria (Official letter of admission from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science)


Residence permit

The residence permit is issued in the local office of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, i.e. the local police station, before the expiration of the Visa. The required documents include:

- notarized declaration, stating that the student has sufficient financial resources at his disposal during his stay in Bulgaria

- proof of address of residence in Bulgaria (notarized copy of rental contract, certificate from IUC dormitory, etc.)

- criminal record file extract (for students aged 18 or older)

- health insurance for the period of stay

- state fee and additional charges.


Academic schedule

First semester: end of September – end of January

Second semester: beginning of February – end of May

Christmas break, Easter break, official and national Bulgarian holidays



The international students are accommodated in a brand new dormitory. It is located in the city center and 10 minutes walking distance from the IUC building. Each apartment dorm has 3 rooms. There are 2 or 3 beds in every room. The price does not include the cost of water, electricity and gas. Rooms are furnished and the kitchens are equipped with stoves. For each additional device such as TV or a mini fridge the students will be charged separately.

Otherwise, there is a selection private housing available in proximity to IUC. Usually the need to use public transportation is limited.


Facilities available for students in the IUC building:

Library with a good range of literature in English


Free Wi-Fi internet


Volleyball/basketball court


Restaurant/canteen with discounted prices


Internship opportunities

All students are provided with the opportunity to do a paid summer internship for several months after each academic year, organized by IUC. The duration of the internships is in accordance with the beginning/end of the classes and exams. The students are offered a selection of positions in Bulgaria, as well as Europe and the USA (Note: Visa and age requirements apply).


Approximate student costs of living in Bulgaria on a monthly basis:

Accommodation costs on campus: approximately EUR 150 (in a double room)

Food costs: EUR 100

Other expenses: EUR 60

TOTAL monthly costs: EUR 310



Student support

Members of the Student Council at International University College provide assistance to international students in their everyday activities, preparation of documents and any other needs that they might have.